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Inactive Aluminum Smelter Site
South Central, North Carolina
Aluminum Smelter Site

FTS upgraded pre-existing, remotely located, composite sampling hardware that was fatigued and maintenance intensive with telemetry enabled, solar powered units for monitoring of the NPDES permitted discharge points. These units were equipped with integrated flow modules which initiated sample collection, log required flow data necessary for DMR reporting and, by way of telemetry hardware, provide real-time notification to designated personnel, assuring prompt and timely mobilization for sample packaging and transport for laboratory analysis. 

Regulatory Agency

North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) /NPDES


Coal Tar (DNAPL), PAHs, and naphthalene

Project Description
The project is a former Aluminum manufacturing facility with historical operations dating back to 1916. The site is located on approximately 123 acres of land situated on the Yadkin River, in the south central section of North Carolina.  The facility was closed in 2010 with plans to redevelop the property for future industrial use.
Current Activities Performed
FTS submits monthly NPDES Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) for fourteen (14) permitted outfalls in accordance with the North Carolina Division of Water Quality.


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