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Baltimore, Maryland
High Vacuum

Implementation of an Emulsified Oil Substrate (EOS) pilot injection and performance groundwater monitoring program. The goal of the EOS pilot program is to remediate hexavalent chromium groundwater impacts by dynamically stimulating anaerobic biodegradation and biotransformation.

Regulatory Agency

Maryland Department of the Environment/CERCLA


Hexavalent Chromium, LNAPL

Project Description

Baltimore Piston Ring is a 29 acre site, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Manufacturing operations began at the site during the 1920s. The facility continues to manufacture piston rings for diesel engines and shaft seals for high-pressure equipment applications.

Previous studies of underground tanks conducted in the 1980s revealed the presence of products in the subsurface from the No. 6 fuel oil and petroleum naphtha from the waste and virgin naphtha underground storage tanks. Tank testing in 1986 revealed that the virgin and waste naphtha tanks were not liquid tight and therefore were removed.

A recovery system was installed to extract fuel oil from two recovery wells and naphtha from three recovery wells. The extracted fuel oil and naphtha are pumped to separate tanks for storage. They are subsequently hauled off site for ultimate treatment and/or disposal.

Current Activities Performed
  • Manual LNAPL recovery at 5 wells using pneumatic skimmer pumps;
  • High vacuum extraction at 9 wells on a quarterly basis;
  • Routine maintenance of all recovery system components;
  • Annual monitoring of 30 wells, parameters analyzed include hexavalent chromium, total metals, dissolved metals, VOCs, chloride, sulfate, sulfide, alkalinity, and plate count;
  • Annual inspection and gauging of 57 monitoring wells;
  • Permit compliance activities including onsite review of Manifest’s and LDR’s, SAP, HASP, training records, OM&M manual and PPC Plan;
  • Waste management activities including preparation of the monthly waste inventory report, handling and labeling of waste, schedule and coordinate shipping of waste to disposal facility and recertification of waste profiles; and,
  • Preparation and submittal of quarterly status, annual GW monitoring, and POTW DMR reports.


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