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Active Coal Tar By-products Plant
Follansbee, West Virginia
Ohio River Boom Maintenance

FTS proposed and successfully negotiated the elimination of monthly consent decree groundwater monitoring requirements. Discontinuation of the related collection, sampling, reporting and analytical activities resulted in annual savings of approximately $35,000 which would continue to be incurred throughout the life the Client’s monitoring obligations.

Regulatory Agency



Coal Tar (DNAPL), PAHs, and naphthalene

Project Description

The site is an active coal tar by-products manufacturing facility constructed in 1916. The site is located in the northern panhandle of West Virginia along the east bank of the Ohio River, just north of the city of Follansbee. The existing plant consists of process and storage facilities for manufacturing of coal tar by-products including creosote, naphthalene, naphtha, bitumen, coal tar enamel and pencil pitch. The site is a RCRA corrective action site being addressed pursuant to 3008(h) Order. FTS operates a groundwater dewatering system at the site. The objective of the groundwater dewatering system is to draw down the water table, creating a hydraulic gradient toward the recovery wells. Prior to the operation of the dewatering system, the direction of water flow was into the coal pit on the neighboring property. FTS also operates a deep DNAPL recovery well.

Current Activities Performed
  • Weekly water and DNAPL level measurements at the 4 groundwater recovery wells and 9 monitoring wells;
  • Weekly flow readings and inspection of all system lines for leakage, corrosion or degradation;
  • Routine maintenance of all groundwater system components;
  • Continuous DNAPL recovery via timer and solenoid pumps;
  • As needed DNAPL recovery from specific wells;
  • Semi-annual Ohio River Boom installation and removal;
  • Semi-annual monitoring of 10 wells, parameters analyzed include PAH’s, dissolved metals, total recoverable phenolics, pH and specific conductivity;
  • Annual inspection and gauging of 56 monitoring wells;
  • Permit compliance activities including onsite review of Manifest’s and LDR’s, SAP, HASP, training records, financial assurance documentation, annual review and updates to the OM&M manual and PPC Plan;
  • Monthly inspection and maintenance of the closed surface impoundment;
  • Waste management activities including preparation of the monthly waste inventory report, handling and labeling of waste, schedule and coordinate shipping of waste to disposal facility and recertification of waste profiles; and,
  • Preparation and submittal of the semi-annual groundwater reports.
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