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Former Coke and Coke By-products Facility
Seaboard, New Jersey
Project Site

FTS has been the OM&M contractor at this site since 2006. Despite an expanded scope in terms of groundwater sampling and reporting overall annual site costs have decreased 10% from the start of the project.

Regulatory Agency

NJDEP/ISRA/Administrative Consent Order


DNAPL, SVOCs, VOCs, cyanide and metals

Project Description

The project site is a 170 acre former coke and coke by-products chemical manufacturing facility located along the Hackensack River in Kearny, New Jersey. The site has been inactive since the late 1970’s. DNAPL contaminated media includes soils, sediment, groundwater and surface water. The site is being addressed via an Administrative Consent Order between the NJDEP and the former site owner.

Site operations and maintenance activities include hydraulic containment, DNAPL recovery and groundwater treatment. Combined phase groundwater is collected and pumped through both a clarifier (phase separation as DNAPL settles) and oil water separator and is then re-injected.

Current Activities Performed
  • Pump operations, monitoring and measurement of the operational data for the 13 recovery wells 2 times per week;
  • Weekly NAE inspection and measurement of system operational parameters;
  • Weekly operation of the IRM system
  • Monthly calibration of the flow meters in the 13 recovery wells and review levels of DNAPLs/solids in the recovery wells;
  • Routine maintenance of all groundwater system components;
  • Quarterly sampling of the 3 granular activated carbon units (influent and effluent), parameters analyzed include VOCs and SVOCs;
  • Semi-annual monitoring of 6 deep zone monitoring wells and 5 shallow zone compliance wells and annual sampling of 14 shallow zone monitoring wells, parameters analyzed include TCL VOCs and SVOCs, TAL metals, total and free cyanide, methane, carbon dioxide, alkalinity, chloride, nitrate, sulfate, ferrous iron and total dissolved solids;
  • Semi-annual monitoring of 3 samples (influent, effluent and pre-sep), parameters analyzed include oil and grease;
  • Inspection and gauging of 60 monitoring wells;
  • Permit compliance activities including onsite review of Manifest’s and LDR’s, SAP, HASP, training records, ECRA financial assurance documentation, annual review and updates to the OM&M manual and PPC Plan;
  • Monthly inspection and maintenance of the IRM tank and weekly inspection of the drum storage area;
  • Waste management activities including preparation of the monthly waste inventory report, handling and labeling of waste, schedule and coordinate shipping of waste to disposal facility and recertification of waste profiles;
  • Preparation and submittal of quarterly and semi-annual groundwater reporting; and,
  • Preparation and submittal of semi-annual and annual NJDEP progress reporting.


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