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During the initial year of its involvement with the project, FTS successfully optimized remedial systems operations by negotiating agency approval to discontinue operation of the existing groundwater treatment system with passive DNAPL product recovery (4 wells). The discontinued system consisted of 1.2 gallons per minute groundwater extraction (and 0.2 gallons per minute precipitation) and treatment with physical separation, aeration, dissolved air flotation, polymer addition, sand and carbon filtration, along with DNAPL and sludge management.  The optimization resulted in annual cost savings of $100,000 per year. The optimized system has been in operation since 2007.

Regulatory Agency



Creosote (DNAPL), VOCs and PAHs

Project Description

The South Cavalcade Superfund Site operated as a wood-treating facility from 1910 to 1962.  A coal tar distillation plant also operated from 1943 to 1962. The facilities were subsequently dismantled and the property was subdivided and sold. The Superfund Record of Decision requires the Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) to recover NAPL comprised of creosote and coal tar to the “maximum extent possible” and to prevent the migration of dissolved constituents in the groundwater from the Site.

Site operations and maintenance activities include the operation and maintenance of a passive NAPL recovery system.

Current Activities Performed
  • Recover (pump) DNAPL from the 4 recovery wells as necessary;
  • Monthly water and DNAPL measurements from 14 wells;
  • Routine maintenance of all recovery system components;
  • Annual monitoring of 2 wells for PAHs;
  • Annual inspection of 88 monitoring wells;
  • Permit compliance activities including onsite review of Manifest’s and LDR’s, SAP, HASP, training records, financial assurance documentation, annual review and updates to the OM&M manual and PPC Plan;
  • Preparation and submittal of quarterly/annual groundwater monitoring and progress reports; and,
  • Waste management activities including hazardous storage area inspections, preparation of monthly waste inventory report, handling and labeling of waste, schedule and coordinate shipping of waste to disposal facility and recertification of waste profiles.


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