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Former Surface Coal Mining Site
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

FTS has been the OM&M contractor at this site since 2006. Overall annual site costs have remained relatively static with a 10% decrease from the start of the project.


Regulatory Agency

PADEP/National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
Bureau of Mining and Reclamation/Coal Surface Mining Permit


Metals, total iron, total manganese, total suspended solids, and pH

Project Description

The project site is a former surface coal mine that has been reclaimed.  The operations and maintenance at this site focus on the collection and treatment of acid mine drainage (AMD).  This program was designed to prevent the discharge of untreated AMD into the nearest surface water body, the South Branch of Ten Mile Creek.

The AMD collection system consists of four seep areas.  The system utilizes pumping stations to transfer the collected AMD to a series of six sedimentation ponds.  The sedimentation ponds receive and perform an initial treatment of the AMD through wetlands and aeration.

After the AMD gravity flows into the last sedimentation pond, Pond 4, it is pumped to the lime treatment system for further processing.  Once treated with lime, the AMD flows into one of two treatment cells.  These cells provide sufficient retention time to allow precipitated iron, manganese, and other suspended solids to settle out of solution prior to discharge to a tributary of the South Fork of Ten Mile Creek.  Sludge that builds up in the treatment cells is periodically pumped out and disposed of onsite.

The treatment of one of the seeps was converted to a passive process, utilizing anoxic limestone dissolution and aerobic wetlands. 

Current Activities Performed
  • Operational parameters are measured for the treatment system four times per week;
  • Sludge is removed from treatment cells as needed;
  • Periodic water jetting of the underground conveyance lines is completed as needed;
  • Routine maintenance of the AMD treatment system components;
  • Sampling of 6 samples, 2 times per month and analyze for TSS, Total and dissolved iron and manganese, Acidity, Alkalinity, and pH;
  • Quarterly sampling and analysis of 16 locations including seeps, tributaries, and 10-mile creek for metals and general chemistry parameters;
  • Quarterly flow rate measurements on seeps and streams;
  • Quarterly monitoring well gauging;
  • Annual well inspection; and,
  • Quarterly preparation and submittal of NPDES Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) and progress reports to PADEP.


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