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Former Coke and Coke By-products Facility
Dolomite, Alabama
Well Pad

FTS received approval to eliminate NPDES discharge monitoring and reporting as a result of their submittal of a No Exposure Certification for Exclusion from NPDES Storm Water Permit. The associated annual costs were $35,000 which would have been incurred until the termination of our client’s environmental obligation.

Regulatory Agency

Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) /RCRA


Creosote (DNAPL), PAHs

Project Description

The site covers approximately 172 acres and is located near the towns of Dolomite and Hueytown, approximately four miles southwest of Birmingham, in Jefferson County, Alabama. Historically, the site was used to produce foundry coke and coking by-products such as coal tars and coal tar distillates.  The coking facility operated at the site from 1905 until 1998 when the plant was shut down and the facility was decommissioned. DNAPL contaminated media includes soils, sediment, groundwater and surface water.

Site operations and maintenance activities include operation and maintenance of an air sparging and soil vapor extraction system, a biosparging system and LNAPL collection. Air treatment consists of granular activated carbon.

Current Activities Performed
  • Measure flow rates, injection rates and other system operational parameters are measured monthly;
  • Gauge and measure dissolved oxygen and pH at 25 wells monthly;
  • Monthly recovery of measurable NAPL in onsite monitoring wells (LNAPL and DNAPL);
  • Routine maintenance of all AS/SVE treatment system components;
  • Monthly SVE treatment system effluent vapor phase sampling for BTEX analysis;
  • Quarterly post closure and corrective action inspections;
  • Semi-annual monitoring of 11 remedial treatment system performance monitoring wells, parameters analyzed include PAHs, phenols, benzene, total nitrogen, phosphorous and plate count;
  • Semi-annual sampling of 31 effectiveness wells and 2 background wells and annual sampling of 25 boundary wells, parameters analyzed include VOCs, SVOCs, phenolic compounds, total and dissolved metals, general chemistry, and dissolved gases;
  • Inspection and gauging of 130 monitoring wells;
  • Monthly inspection and maintenance of 2 on-site landfills and 2 NMPA cells;
  • Annual site wide mowing (100 acres);
  • Permit compliance activities including onsite review of Manifest’s and LDR’s, SAP, HASP, training records, RCRA financial assurance documentation, annual review and updates to the OM&M manual and PPC Plan;
  • Interface w/ regulatory agency (ADEM) as needed for RCRA compliance audits and site wide O&M inspection efforts;
  • Waste management activities including preparation of the monthly waste inventory report, handling and labeling of waste, schedule and coordinate shipping of waste to disposal facility and recertification of waste profiles; and,
  • Preparation and submittal of quarterly interim measures remediation system performance and annual groundwater monitoring reports.


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