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Data Management and Reporting Services

ServicesFTS will create, maintain, and update your electronic database. 

Data managers expertly format data to suit your reporting needs and are adept at statistical evaluations and graphical presentations utilizing programs which include GISKey and EQuIS. FTS optimizes the data management process by electronically collecting field data, rapidly transferring data from the field to the office, managing laboratory analytical turnaround, and maintaining a comprehensive electronic database.

This allows for time to be better allocated to data analysis and review resulting in on time deliverables that address regulatory drivers specific to each job and ultimately assure that overall project compliance goals are achieved. Examples of current reporting programs include:

  • RCRA Post-Closure Care Permit Reporting
  • Operations & Maintenance Reporting
  • Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) related to NPDES and POTW permit requirements
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Data Management
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